Gary Smith

Web Developer

Gary Smith

My name is Gary Smith.
I’m a Web Developer based in
downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What I do

I build websites. I work most often with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. I bring graphic designs to life by converting them to clean code that works across all common browsers. Lately, I’ve been using these skills to create WordPress websites with highly customized themes, widgets, and plugins.

A bit about me

After completing my Computer Science degree in 1998, I spent four years in the E-Commerce Division at the IBM Toronto Lab. In 2003 I left the cubicle behind to become a freelance Web Developer, building sites for individual clients and collaborating with Toronto graphic design firms. Since 2007 I’ve also worked on contract for the CBC where I’ve built websites for dozens of Canadian television shows including Dragons’ Den, The Hour with George Stroumboulopolous, and The Nature of Things with David Suzuki.


To me, Web Development is mostly about problem solving and communication; it’s not about memorizing the syntax for dozens of coding languages. It’s about understanding what is needed and coming up with a good solution. I don’t like confusing technical jargon or meaningless buzzwords. I’m a hands-on person who enjoys building things that work.

More information

I also have a LinkedIn profile and a résumé in PDF format. More questions? Contact me.